The National Power Corporation led by President Ma. Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita has once again recognized employees and teams that exemplified the STAR core values – Sustainability, Savings, Transparency, Teamwork, Action, Accountability, Ability, Resiliency, and Reforms through the Dagitab ng NPC Award or DNA.

DNA for Sustainability, Teamwork and Ability was given to the ‘Enercon Team’ for performing the needed documentation and validation instituted by the Department of Energy for the yearly Energy Conservation Reports. The team, which comprised of Ms. Jocylin Alpay, Corazon Macaraeg, Lucas Oblena and Christian Hernaez, and their efforts, resulted to the granting of energy conservation incentive.

The Electricity Tariff Division of the Corporate Affairs Group and their counterparts from the Office of the Legal Counsel received DNA for Resiliency, Teamwork, Dedication and concern for corporate sustainability. The team successfully obtain a Provisional Authority from the Energy Regulatory Commission for a new and higher Basic Universal Charge for Missionary Electrification starting 2015.

DNA for Sustainability, Teamwork and Savings was also granted to the Telecommunications Services personnel for being resourceful in installing direct communication lines in Camarin Hotel in Laguna. Composing of Nathan Espiritu, Jacinto Calayan, and Liza Caluma, the team’s efforts in providing communication assistant to the corporation’s events within and outside the head office were also appreciated.

Congratulations to the awardees! May you keep up the good work and continue being an inspiration to the NPC family.