NPC CES Officers Join Hundreds of Public Serviants in the 2022 Career Executive Service Lifelong Learning for Leadership Congress

NPC’s Career Executive Service officers have recently joined 900 other CES officers and eligibles and on-stream candidates for CES eligibility at the 2022 CES Lifelong Learning for Leadership Congress held at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City.

With the theme, “RebounCES: Bounce Back Together, the participants learned from multi-awarded public servants who have contributed their knowledge and wisdom in building bigger, better, and stronger Philippines through their institutions and in hurdling challenges that the pandemic brought.

More than being the first in-person leadership congress since the pandemic, the 2022 CES Congress was also the first time the President of the Republic had graced the annual conference. In his message, President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. emphasized the important role of human capital in the post-pandemic economy. He also highlighted continuous learning and government digitalization, which make up his eight-point economic agenda.

“Let’s work together. This is the kind of thing that we need. As a leader, as President, I cannot do my work without all of you, and that’s why you must be the best that you can be,” Pres. Marcos said.

The NPC delegates were led by NPC CESOA Vice Chair Atty. Romero Pacilan, Vice President for Legal Melchor Ridulme and Vice President for Mindanao Generation Edmundo A. Veloso, Jr.