Energy Sec. Popo Lotilla Graces NPC's 86th Anniversary

Energy Secretary Raphael M. Lotilla on Thursday imparts words of encouragement and vision to the employees of the National Power Corporation as the state corporation celebrates its 86th founding anniversary.

Sec. Popo Lotilla emphasized NPC’s opportunities for growth considering that it was the pioneer in renewable sources of energy such as hydro and geothermal. He urged NPC not to limit itself to present-day affairs or present-day challenges, but to look beyond and see the opportunities for a strengthened power sector for the country.

“As we go down the road and consider new opportunities in modular nuclear or even the future of fusion as a source of power, these are the opportunities that [NPC] may look into,” Sec. Popo said.

Meanwhile, NPC President and CEO Fernando Martin Roxas expressed his confidence that NPC can emerge from the present crisis (hike in fuel prices) as a much stronger organization. He has since expressed his goal of straying away from the status quo and achieving more with less in realizing NPC’s electrification goals.