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In support and collaboration with the Philippine Blood Center of the DOH, the NPC Ladies Foundation, Inc. conducted a blood donation drive on Friday, December 9 at the NPC Head Office in Diliman, Quezon City.

LFI Donates Books to LSA in Iligan City

NPC LFI on Thursday, November 17 donates over 150 books to La Salle Academy (LSA) in Iligan city. The Principal received the donation on behalf of its President, Jay Velez. The donation was made in support of LSA's book drive.

LFI Trustees Meet MinGen Ladies

LFI trustees on November 17 meet with LFI chapter officers and members in NPC Mindanao Generation to align projects and activities for 2023. It was also an opportunity to invite other ladies to join the Foundation.

NPC LFI Welcomes New President

With the assumption of Mr. Fernando Martin โ€˜Naniโ€™ Roxas as the President and CEO of NPC, the Ladies Foundation Inc. also gets to welcome its new chairman and president.

Dr. Maria Andrea โ€˜Ginnyโ€™ Roxas completed her undergraduate degree in accountancy from where she also obtained her civil service eligibility as a CPA. She finished her masterโ€™s and doctoral degrees from the Asian Institute of Management and De La Salle Graduate School of Business and Economics, respectively.

Dr. Ginnyโ€™s career spans years of work in private and public institutions providing services. During the term of President Corazon Aquino, she worked with the team at the Office of the President who had oversight of government-owned and controlled corporations, one of which is the National Power Corporation. After her stint with the government, she worked in human resource consultancy firms and later on flourished in her career in the academe.

She taught in both her alma maters โ€“ at the DLSU and AIM. As an academician, she received several accolades for teaching and research excellence. In recognition of her voluminous national and international publications, some of which she co-authored with NPC President Nani Roxas, she was conferred with special recognition from the National Research Council of the Philippines. Apart from being a professor and researcher, Dr. Ginny was also an administrator in both learning institutions where she teaches. She likewise became the Chief Academic Officer at iAcademy.

With more than 20 years at the academe, Dr. Ginny has officially retired. Upon her retirement, she desires to work with the third sector โ€“civil society. She is pleased that she can do just this with the NPC Ladies Foundation Inc. In support of President Naniโ€™s mission of bringing offshore power technologies to the far-flung islands, she aims through the Foundation to provide entrepreneurial activities in the development of sustainable communities.

NPC Ladies Foundation, Inc. Nagpaabot ng Pasasalamat sa mga Blood Donors Noong August 16, 2022 Blood Drive

Bilang suporta at pakikipagtulungan sa Philippine Blood Center ng DOH, ang NPC Ladies Foundation, Inc. noong Martes, Agosto 16 ay nagsagawa ng blood donation drive sa NPC Head Office sa Diliman, Quezon City.