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Press Release

11 October 2018

Napocor inaugurates first mini grid in Palawan

State-owned National Power Corporation (Napocor) inaugurates its first mini-grid in Palawan, granting access to electricity to 130 initial households in Nangalao, Linapacan.

Napocor said that it has allotted an 80-kW generating set and granted 8 hours of electricity to the community which has 170 more potential households and will add capacities/operating hours accordingly to the growing demand.

“The community’s main source of livelihood is fishing. Now with electricity, we wish to bring tourism in the picture since the island has huge potential in attracting tourists,” said Napocor President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez.

The project is part of a Memorandum of Agreement signed by Napocor and the Provincial Government of Palawan which stipulates the former’s provision of generating sets, fuel and manpower, and the latter’s commitment to provide for the powerhouse and plant site. 

“The provincial government also provided the distribution line in Nangalao which helped us expedite the energization of the area,” Benavidez said.

Linapacan is an island municipality located south of the Calamian Group of Islands (Busuanga, Coron, Culion). It is one of the many undiscovered paradise in the Philippines that boasts of clear waters and breathtaking marine reserve.

Of the seven other new areas in Palawan to be electrified under the said MOA, three (3) more areas are scheduled this year – Barangays Casian, Paly and Beyton in Taytay. The remaining barangays, Tara in Coron, Concepcion in Agutaya, and Bancalan 1 and 2 in Balabac are scheduled to be energized in 2019.

Meanwhile, Napocor has recently granted 24/7 power to its diesel power plants in Tagapul-an in Samar, Balut in Davao Occidental, Almagro in Samar, and Cabul-an in Bohol benefiting a total of 2,900 households.

Napocor, the national government’s arm for missionary electrification, presently operates and manages 275 power facilities in 190 municipalities across 34 provinces in the archipelago. END

Press Release

21 September 2018

Napocor restores power to Typhoon Ompong affected islands and off-grid areas

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) has successfully restored power in its Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) power plants affected by Typhoon Ompong and continues to effectively manage Luzon dams. 

Normal power plant operations are now in effect in Batanes (Sabtang, Itbayat and Basco Diesel Power Plants), Cagayan (Calayan, Balatubat and Minabel DPPs), Isabela (Palanan DPP and Maconacon mini-grid) and Aurora (Casiguran DPP).

Napocor’s Kabugao DPP in Apayao, on the other hand, remains nonoperational as it awaits distribution line restoration.

“During typhoons or natural disaster, our protocol demands us to shut down power plants in order to protect our generating sets from mechanical stress that can be caused by distribution line disturbances,” said Napocor President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez.

Napocor said that it then coordinates with electric cooperatives and/or distribution utilities in returning the power back to the grid after clearing operations.   

Meanwhile, as of 8AM Friday, Napocor halts spilling operations in San Roque dam as the water elevation reached 275.24 meters above sea level (masl). END

Press Release

29 August 2018

Napocor remits dividends to the national coffers

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) is among the 54 Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) who were recently recognized for remitting dividends to the National Treasury at the GOCC day held at the Rizal Hall of Malacañan Palace.

Napocor said that it has remitted a total of P867 million pesos for the period January to July this year, a contribution attributed to the good financial standing and prudent use of funds of the corporation.

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said that the dividends from GOCCs for the first seven months of the year, which totaled to P32 billion will go a long way in helping the country fund the massive infrastructure and social development programs of the government.

Under RA 7656, otherwise known as the Dividend Law, GOCCs are required to declare and remit half or part of their income as per the recommendation of the Secretary of Finance to the National Government for the development projects in the country. END

Press Release

30 August 2018

Napocor terminates water spilling operations at San Roque dam
After containing huge water inflows from five successive typhoons and rains from enhanced southwest monsoons 

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) on Thursday announces the closing of all spillway gates of San Roque dam after it reached the target elevation of below 275 meters above sea level (masl).

As of 8 AM today, the dam’s elevation is at 274.62 masl. Its normal high-water elevation (NHWL) is 280 masl.

Napocor’s Dams Management Department (DMD) said that the target elevation will give leeway for future water inflow especially during another tropical depression.

The corporation also emphasized the flood mitigating function of dams which helped hold and control huge amount rainfall from going straight to the Agno river and nearby towns.

Water discharge in brief

It can be recalled that the San Roque dam started its spilling operations in the morning of 12 August 2018 when its elevation breached the NHWL of 280 masl. Water elevation peaked at 287.19 masl on August 14, 2018 due to the continuous large inflows from heavy rain caused by Tropical Storm Karding and the enhanced southwest monsoon (habagat). Spilling of water from Ambuklao and Binga dams which cascades to San Roque dam also contributed to the increased elevation.

For the next ten days, spilling operations continued to avoid overflow and to allow sustained decrease in reservoir water elevation until it reaches the target elevation of 275 masl.

However, the declining elevation stalled at 276.28 masl on 24 August due to the moderate rainfall brought about by Tropical Depression Luis which also increased the water discharge of upstream dams Ambuklao and Binga.

San Roque dam’s elevation peaked at 281.00 masl in the morning of 27 August, thus the continued water spilling operations. It finally attained target elevation on 30 August at 8:00 AM.

Napocor said that few weeks prior to Typhoon Karding, the Ambuklao, Binga and San Roque dams already contained massive amount of rainfall and water inflow brought about by Tropical Storms Henry, Inday and Josie in North and Central Luzon.

Dams for flood control

Napocor said that apart from power generation, dams likewise have flood control and mitigation functions, preventing loss of life and property caused by massive flooding. Dams impound floodwaters and release them under control to river or store them for other uses like irrigation.

“We continually monitor the inflow of water to the reservoir and the PAGASA reports so as to be on guard on the dam’s situation,” said Napocor’s DMD Chief Conrado Sison.  

Napocor assures the public that the corporation, along with the San Roque Power Corporation who operates the San Roque hydropower plant and SN Aboitiz Power who operates Ambuklao and Binga hydropower plants, strictly complies with the coordination protocol on dam operations as contained in its Dam Safety Program. END

Press Release

24 August 2018

Napocor prepares San Roque dam for upcoming rains, continues spilling operations

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) on Friday announces that San Roque Dam in Pangasinan continues to discharge water with a 3.5-meter gate opening and outflow of 548 cubic meter per second (cms).

Napocor said that the 548 cms water outflow has no significant impact to the Agno river.

As of 10am today, the dam’s water elevation is at 276.33 meters above sea level (masl).

“We are targeting to reach an elevation of 275 masl within this week. However, due to the moderate rainfall brought about by Tropical Depression Luis, we may have to extend the water spilling operations of San Roque dam until Sunday or Monday,” said Napocor spokesperson Odette Rivero.

Rivero said that water spilling continues in preparation for huge water inflows to the Ambuklao, Binga and San Roque dams due to possible heavy rains or typhoons in the future.

Napocor and San Roque Power Corporation jointly monitor and ensure the integrity and stability of the San Roque dam.