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The National Power Corporation (Napocor) implements a European Union (EU)-funded project under the Access to Sustainable Energy in the Philippines Programme (ASEP), a joint undertaking of the EU and the Department of Energy that aims to give the poor access to affordable, clean, and disaster-resilient energy systems.

NPC signifies bid for more solar hybrid facilities in its SPUG areas

State-run National Power Corporation (NPC) discloses its plans on building four more solar photovoltaic-diesel hybrid in its Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) plants located in far-flung villages and islands in the country.
NPC President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez said that its 2021 to 2025 Missionary Electrification Plan

17 December 2020

Napocor obtains the highest rating in corporate governance

The National Power Corporation (Napocor) was the top-performing agency among 80 Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) in the 2019 Corporate Governance Scorecard, posting an assessment rating of 100.52%.

Napocor said that this is aย huge leap fromย theย previous yearโ€™s assessment score of 87.50% and the first timeย in Napocor's historyย thatย the corporationย not onlyย enters the top 10ย but also obtains the highest rating among GOCCs. This is also the first time that the Corporationย garnersย the top spot among 11 GOCCs in the Energy and Materials sector in the governance ranking.

Earlier this year, Napocor was also among the top 10 GOCCs with the biggest dividend contributions to the national treasury.

In response to Republic Act 7656 requiring GOCCs to remit at least half of their net earnings to the national government, Napocor contributed 4 billion pesos this year to also heed President Rodrigo R. Duterteโ€™s Bayanihan to Heal as One Act of 2020. The funds were added to the governmentโ€™s Covid-19 response including granting of assistance to the marginalized sector.

Napocor President& CEO Pio J. Benavidez expresses his appreciation to the National Power Board, NAPOCOR Management Committee and the entire Napocor team for their support, dedication and service to the country and people.

The Corporate Governance Scorecard is an annual assessment conducted by the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG) to ensure sound governance and standards of agencies. It measures the GOCCsโ€™ policies and practices on stakeholder relationship, disclosure and transparency with information and relevant data, and the responsibilities of its Board.

Likewise, the Corporate Governance Scorecard also ensures that agencies enhance their corporate value. It closely monitors the GOCCsโ€™ Performance Scorecard, a system of setting measures, targets and initiatives in facilitating accomplishments and meeting strategic objectives of the organization.

The GCG was created under the GOCC Governance Act of 2011 to ensure transparent operations of GOCCs. In 2015, it developed the Corporate Governance Scorecard modelled from the Principles of Corporate Governance of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard. Aside from the mechanism helping GOCCs achieve and concur with highest standards of governance, it also puts the organizations at-par with our ASEAN counterparts.ย END

November 19, 2020

Napocor issues updates on its five Luzon Dams

State-owned National Power Corporation (Napocor) issues updates on the statuses of the five large dams in Luzon it oversees and manages. These are Angat Dam in Bulacan, Ambuklao and Binga Dams in Benguet, San Roque Dam in Pangasinan and Caliraya Dam in Laguna.

Napocor said that Angat Damโ€™s elevation as of 8AM today is 212.40 meters above sea level (masl). Its spillway gates closed and stopped its water release on November 15 at 5:10pm with elevation 213.08 masl.

On November 12 at 1pm, Gate 2 was opened at 0.5 meter with spill discharge of 64 cubic meters per second (cms). Releasing water through the spillway gates is imperative to protect the integrity of the dam. Napocor said it did not release water prior the typhoon because the level was only at 206 masl.

As part of its protocol, all concerned LGUs were notified four hours before the spilling operations: Norzagaray, Angat, Bustos, San Rafael, Baliuag, Plaridel, Pulilan, Calumpit, Paombong and Hagonoy.

โ€œFrom the first water release, we gradually increased gate openings because the water level continues to rise as water flows from the mountains start to fill the damโ€™s reservoir, reaching 214 masl. Though the maximum gate opening was only 2.0 meters, with an equivalent spill discharge of 278 cms.,โ€ Napocor President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez said.

Further, while Napocor sympathizes with the towns extremely submerged in floodwater and mud such as Marikina, and portions of Rizal, the corporation clarifies that these areas are not part of the Angat River basin.

For the Ambuklao and Binga Dams in Benguet, Binga Dam has been releasing waters since November 7, 2020 with 0.3 meter opening at Gate 3 while Ambuklao Dam opened its Gate 3 at 0.3 meters opening on November 9, 2020.

As of 8am today, Binga Dam still has two gates open (Gate 2 and Gate 3 at 0.3 meter opening for each) while Ambuklao Dam has one gate open (Gate 4 at 0.5 meters).

All the water discharges from these two (2) dams are contained by the downstream reservoir of San Roque which is still below its spilling level of 280 masl. Elevation at 8am today is at 270.62 masl.

Meanwhile, the Caliraya Dam in Laguna did not conduct water spilling operations though a Notice of Preparatory Phase of Dam Discharge Warning Operation as a precaution was issued informing the public that the reservoir water level has reached to 287.72 masl at 2am of November 12, 2020. It can be recalled that the notice asked the people to be on alert in the event of spilling operations.

The Caliraya Dam, in fact, has never released water from its spillway gates ever since as this is a pump-storage facility. This means that water is pumped from Laguna de Bay to the Caliraya Reservoir, then the water is utilized for power generation flowing through the turbines going back to Laguna de Bay.

โ€œWe are assuring the public that Napocor practices prudence in our dam operations and decisions, always considering the safety of the communities downstream and preserving the dams safe water level, a great source used for domestic water supply, irrigation, and power,โ€ said Benavidez.ย END


Press Release

22 January 2020

Napocor celebrates groundbreaking of its Visayas office

State-owned National Power Corporation (Napocor) on Wednesday held a groundbreaking ceremony in Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City to kick off the construction of its satellite office in the Visayas region.

โ€œThe office will be the center of transaction among the 46 Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) power plants in Visayas,โ€ said Napocor President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez.

Napocor said that the new office will help them streamline their operations and reach more new areas to energize. The corporation currently services 55 thousand households across 29 municipalities in the region. 24 of its 46 power plants are operating 24/7 including the two (2) power barges stationed in Camotes island.

Benavidez said that this number will still increase as the corporation is set to launch nine (9) new areas in Eastern and Northern Samar.

Located on a 2,000 square meter land in Lahug leased by the Provincial Government of Cebu through a Usufruct Agreement, the new office will have three storeys with a training room and equipment center. It is anticipated to be finished in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Present during the ceremonial groundbreaking were Napocor top officials and representatives from the local government units.ย END