The Mindanao Generation Group is home to the Agus and Pulangi Power Plant Complexes. With a combined installed capacity of 982 mw, Agus and Pulangi Power Plant Complexes supply Mindanao electric power consumers more than 50% of its total electricity requirements.

In line with its power generation mandate, Mindanao Generation manages two (2) dams—the Pulangi Dam in Maramag, Bukidnon and the Agus IV HEP Dam at Balo-i, Lanao del Norte. It has implemented various strategies to ensure dam safety and flood control and mitigation.

Mindanao Generation is also engaged in watershed management and rehabilitation. It spearheaded in the protection and management of the Lake Lanao and Pulangi Watershed areas—two watershed areas vital to the sustainability of NPC’s operations. In the year 2012, our watershed group worked closely with the Watershed Management Department in the Head Office in ensuring that NPC hits its target of reforesting 170 hectares.

Agus Power Plant Complex

The Agus Power Plant Complex is consist of six (6) cascading power plants snaking from the mouth of Lake Lanao in Marawi City down to the majestic Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City. Strategically located along the Agus River, these hydroelectric power plants help fuel the economy of Mindanao by providing steady supply of cheap and reliable electricity. These hydroelectric power plants are: Agus I, Agus II, Agus IV, Agus V, Agus VI and Agus VII.

Agus I Hydroelectric PlantMarawi City, Lanao del Sur
Agus II Hydroelectric PlantSaguiaran, Lanao del Sur
Agus IV Hydroelectric PlantBalo-i, Lanao del Norte
Agus V Hydroelectric PlantIligan City, Lanao del Norte
Agus VI Hydroelectric PlantIligan City, Lanao del Norte
Agus VII Hydroelectric PlantIligan City, Lanao del Norte

Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Plant

Pulangi IV Hydroelectric PlantMaramag, Bukidnon