As the Governing Board, the National Power Board provides strategic and policy directions to the NPC Management pertaining to the management and operation of the Corporation. It also provides corporate leadership of NPC, establish the vision and mission, strategic objectives, policies and procedures as well as defines NPC’s values and standards through Charter Statements, Strategy Maps and Other Control Mechanism mandated by best business practices.

Name                :           BENJAMIN E. DIOKNO
Designation       :           Secretary, Department of Finance; Chairman of the Board
Address             :           DOF Bldg., BSP Complex, Roxas Blvd., 1004 Metro Manila
Telephone         :           523-9219

Name                :           RAPHAEL PERPETUO M. LOTILLA
Designation       :           Secretary, Department of Energy; Vice Chairman of the Board
Address             :           Energy Center, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Telephone         :           840-20-08


As conduit of the NP Board, the Office of the Corporate Secretary ensures and monitors compliance by the NPC Management to Board directions and policies. It serves as the “clearing house” before any and all matters from the Management are elevated to the NP Board and performs corporate governance functions before the Governance Commission for GOCCs (GCG)

Name                :            ATTY. PATRICK D. MABBAGU
Designation       :           Corporate Secretary
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9213527
Email                : 


The Internal Audit Department helps NPC accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. It also ensures that NPC is efficiently run, morally sound, technologically advanced, cognizant of the environment and other areas of concerns, and safe from unnecessary risk. IAD also performs management audit and evaluation of the results of operations with focus on the effectiveness of controls of management, operating and support services systems.

Name                :           VEDALISA N. AREVALO
Designation       :           Senior Department Manager, Internal Audit
Address             :           3F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9213478
Email                : 


The Office of the President and CEO assumes accountability and responsibility for the overall corporate performance to the President of the Philippines, the Department of Energy and the National Power Board and the general public. It represents the corporation in all transactions and exercises direct supervision and control over all Functional Groups of NPC.

Name                :           FERNANDO MARTIN Y. ROXAS
Designation       :           President & CEO
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 89213518
Email                : 


The Corporate Affairs Group is mainly responsible for concerns related to corporate strategic planning, corporate policy formation, performance standards monitoring and evaluation, missionary electrification plan, corporate systems analysis, marketing and business development, contracting, research and development, information and technology services, public and stakeholder relations and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. It likewise leads the internal and external communications and image branding.

Name                :           EMMANUEL A. UMALI
Designation       :           OIC-Vice President, Corporate Affairs Group
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9213037
Email                : 


The Administration and Finance Group formulates, recommends and implements policies, guidelines, systems and procedures relating to Human Resource Management, General Services and Logistics. It also directs, supervises and ensures the annual preparation of operating and capital budgets, medium and long-term financial forecasts as required by Management and external agencies.

Likewise, the Group directs, manages and integrates Materials and Fuel Management to ensure the reliable and efficient processing of all fuel, materials, equipment, spares and supply needs of NPC plants and offices. The Group provides support in the defense of NPC’s annual budget before Congress and Senate; and formulates investments programs to support the corporation’s power development program.

Name                :           LORLINA E. BOMEDIANO
Designation       :           OIC-Vice President, Administration and Finance
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9212737
Email                : 


The Small Power Utilities Group manages and ensures quality operation of off-grid generating assets, transmission and substation facilities nationwide. The Group implements projects in accordance with the Missionary Electrification Program including administration of subsidies.

Name                :           RENE B. BARRUELA
Designation       :           Vice President, Small Power Utilities Group
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9225923
Email                : 


The Power Engineering Service manages and supervises the implementation of power projects including construction, quality and cost control. The Group provides specialty services such as engineering surveys, hydrological studies, geological services, materials investigation and testing, social engineering and right-of-way acquisition. It also prepares conceptual and detailed studies, design and tender documents for new facilities and rehabilitation of existing facilities.

Name                :           ATTY. ROGEL T. TEVES
Designation       :           Vice President, Power Engineering Services
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9200001
Email                : 


The Office of the General Counsel provides and formulates studies, opinions and positions on any and all legal issues of, pertaining to, covering and affecting NPC, specifically issues affecting, inter alia, human resource, finance, procurement activities and matters relating to watershed and SPUG as well as formulation of energy contingency measures. It likewise directs policies on negotiation, preparation, review and interpretation of contracts, loan agreements and bonds of, pertaining to, covering and affecting the corporation. It handles prosecution and defense of all cases involving NPC, appears before courts and other quasi-judicial bodies and serves as the official custodian of all assets (land titles) in the name of NPC.

Name                :           ATTY. MELCHOR P. RIDULME
Designation       :           Vice President, Office of the Legal Counsel
Address             :           4F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (20) 9213518
Email                : 


The Mindanao Generation Group is responsible for the overall management of the six cascading Agus Power Plants, Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Power Plant and the marketing, accounts management and IPP contracts for Mindanao-based IPPs.

Name                :           LARRY I. SABELLINA
Designation       :           Vice President, Mindanao Generation
Address             :           NPC Mindanao Generation, Maria Cristina, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte
Telephone         :           (063) 221-9003
Email                : 


The Resource Management Service is mainly responsible for the direction, management and administration of Independent Power Producers (IPP) contracts to ensure effective and efficient implementation. It manages Nuclear Safety and Balance of Plant systems in connection with the preservation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Name                :            ATTY. MANUEL LUIS B. PLOFINO
Designation       :           Senior Department Manager, Resource Management Service
Address             :           2F NPC Building, BIR Road corner Quezon Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Telephone         :           (02) 9200093
Email                :