Office of the President and CEO

Fernando Martin Y. RoxasPresident & CEOOffice of the President and CEO(02) 89212998

Office of the Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Melchor P. RidulmeSr. Vice President & COOOffice of the Sr. Vice President and COO(02) 89213518

Internal Audit

Vedalisa N. ArevaloSenior Department ManagerInternal Audit(02) 89213478

Corporate Affairs Group

Emmanuel A. UmaliOfficer-In-ChargeOffice of the Vice President(02) 89213037
Rommel U. MamangunDepartment ManagerCorporate Planning(02) 89245648
Ma. Annabel P. VersozaDepartment ManagerRevenue Management(02) 89223801
Virgilio S. LeybaDepartment ManagerInformation and Technology Services(02) 89213301
Emmanuel A. UmaliDepartment ManagerWatershed Management(02) 89254375