Project Purposes
Installed Plant Capacity75 MW –uprated 105 MW
Drainage area at dam site690 sq. km approximate
Runoff – Ambuklao River at dam site
     Average annual runoff1,279.0 MCM
     Peak recorded monthly Inflow     (July 1972)1,275.5 MCM
     Peak Recorded Inflow (May 1976)3,000 cms
Project Features
Reservoir area at Elev. 752 m.a.s.l7.5
Crest Elevation758 m.a.s.l
Maximum water surface (MWS-flood)752 m.a.s.l
Full supply Level (FSL)/ Normal High Water Level (NHWL)752 m.a.s.l
Minimum Supply Level (MSL)740 m approx.
Storage Capacity (with no sedimentation)
Total at FSL327 MCM
Original Live storage (MSL to FSL/MOL to NHWL)258 MCM
Present Storage Capacity (with sedimentation) based on 2012 Bathymetric Survey
Total at FSL @ Elev 752 m.a.s.l.121.01 MCM
Present MSL (Ogee) @ Elev 740 m.a.s.l.66.24 MCM
Live storage (MSL to FSL/MOL to NHWL)54.77 MCM