NPC President and CEO Fernando Martin Roxas recently welcomed the delegates and officials from the Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-Water) headed by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Yun Seog-dae.

K-Water, the leading water management corporation in South Korea, played a pivotal role in Korea’s economic development and has shown over the years that the improvement of the quality of life and the systematic water management are linked together.

During the discussion, Dr. Yun expressed K-water’s interest in expanding technical cooperation with NPC in the dam safety field including the utilization of state-of-the-art technology for instrumentation.

As the largest emerging renewable energy producer in South Korea, valuable information was also shared in the possible pursuit of cooperation and joint projects for a sustainable future for the Philippines. NPC also took the opportunity to discuss the importance of the official development assistance (ODA) project for the Angat Dam flood management and the previously requested collaboration and support from K-water for its implementation.