In pursuit of operational excellence and efficiency, the National Power Corporation launched the Troubleshooting Guide Manual for its Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) power facilities. Methodically crafted by a technical working group, the manual provides clear and systematic solutions to a myriad of challenges encountered in SPUG’s daily operations.

The manual, which aims to assist current and future power plant personnel, includes detailed troubleshooting steps for various equipment and systems; clear diagrams, illustrations, and photographs to enhance understanding and operations of generating units and parts; best practices and preventive maintenance recommendations to minimize downtime and enhance reliability; and emergency response protocols for swift and effective action during critical situations, among others.

SPUG Vice President Rene B. Barruela is confident that the Troubleshooting Guide Manual will be an invaluable resource that will empower the SPUG workforce.

In photo: The manual has been formally submitted to VP Barruela by the SPUG managers during its recently held SPUG Management Team Meeting in Cebu City.