Over 150 executives from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have gathered for the 2024 Leadership and Management Program (LAMP) to discuss the new vision and mission crafted from the strategic planning earlier this year and the Corporationโ€™s Five Point Agenda including the functional groupsโ€™ proposed contributions to each agenda. ย 

DOE Undersecretary Rowena Cristina L. Guevarra opened the program with a keynote speech that candidly acknowledges NPCโ€™s present hurdles, her propositions to get past them, and how she envisions NPC ten years from now.

NPC President and CEO Fernando Martin Y. Roxas, on the second day, gave a short yet thoughtful lecture on how to think like a scientist โ€“ that is someone agile, recognizes opportunities and threats, arrives at data-driven decisions, and rethinks assumptions and strategies.

โ€œTo improve our quality of rethinking, we must have confident humility or the state of being secure in our strengths yet humble in our beliefs or opinion,โ€ President Nani said.

President Nani also touched on effective listening and negotiating skills which are essential aptitudes in the workplace /business.

There were invited speakers as well who shared their expertise on leadership โ€“ Micheal Angelo Lobrin livened the audience about championing life and work, Mr. Bobby Roberto talked about business strategies and what strategy can NPC use to advance its cause, and Mr. Lloyd A. Luna spoke on transformative communication.

The LAMP is an annual gathering that intends to assess NPCโ€™s current performance, discuss the landscape of the industry, and create or improve strategies in treading paths head-on.