RA 6395 (Revised NPC Charter)

Undertake the development of hydroelectric generation of power and the production of electricity from nuclear, geothermal and other sources.

Establishment of subsidiaries pursuant to Section 3(l)

    • Initiate the creation of business units pursuant to item 6 of NPB Resolution No. 2009-28


RA 9136 (Electric Power Industry Reform Act)

Perform missionary electrification function through the Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) and shall be responsible for providing power generation and associated power delivery systems in areas that are not connected to the main grids (Section 70 of RA 9136)

Operate and maintain undisposed generating/assets, including Agus and Pulangi complexes [Section 47(f) of (j) of RA 9136]

Manage and rehabilitate watersheds and dams

    • Continue to be responsible for watershed rehabilitation and management [Sec. 6(c), Rule 23 of RA 9136 IRR]
    • Safe and reliable operation of the hydropower plants [Sec. 6(d), Rule 23 of RA 9136 IRR]
    • Enter into an operations and maintenance agreement with the private operator of the power plant to cover the dam structure and all other appurtenant facilities [Sec6(d) Rule 23 of IRR of RA 9136]


RA 9513 (Renewable Energy Law)

Section 2: Declaration of Policies

    • Accelerate the exploration and development of renewable energy resources such as, but not limited to, biomass, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and ocean energy resources, including hybrid systems, to achieve energy self-reliance.

Chapter IV: Off-Grid Renewable Energy Development


Section 12: Off-Grid Areas

    • “NPC-SPUG or its successors-in-interest and/or qualified third parties in off-grid areas shall, in performance of its mandate to provide missionary electrification, source a minimum percentage of its total annual generation upon recommendation of the NREB from available RE resources in the area concerned, as may be determined by the DOE.”