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  • Bethezel L. Ricacho
    15 October 2018
    Bethezel L. RicachoPlant Head, Claveria DPPBicol Operations Division What makes a female engineer different from a male engineer? Apparently, none and this is proven by o...
  • Mauro L. Marcelo
    24 September 2018
    Mauro L. Marcelo, Jr.(Retired) Department ManagerAsset Preservation, RMS The year was 1979. He was looking for something different and rare and found it at National Power...
  • Perfecto A. Llorente
    30 April 2018
    Perfecto A. Llorente(Retired) OICVisayas Operations Department One would think that his most memorable experience in NPC would be something recent, but when asked about i...
  • VP Dadelio C. Corpuz
    24 April 2018
    Dadelio C. Corpuz(Retired) Vice PresidentMindanao Generation On his last day in office, former Vice President for Mindanao Generation Mr. Dadelio C. Corpuz shares his 41-...
  • Maria Catherine C. Majomot
    20 March 2018
    Maria Catherine C. MajomotVisayas Operations Department – Bohol Any NPC employee who’s been to the beautiful island province of Bohol has probably met her. The bubbly, bl...
  • Engr. Salvador D. Sarmiento, Jr.
    05 March 2018
    Engr. Salvador D. Sarmiento, Jr. Revenue Management Department – CAG Engr. Salvador Sarmiento or Sir Buddy to his colleagues is now counting the days towards his retireme...
  • Engr. Ramil SR. Castillo, Jr.
    23 February 2018
    Engr. Ramil SR. Castillo, Jr.Project Management Department – PES Engr. Ramil was beaming with pride along with his colleagues when the launch of the major transmission li...
  • Engr. Corazon Bencio
    02 February 2018
    Engr. Corazon BencioSystems Planning Division, CAG Thriving in a ‘man’s world’ such as the engineering field is a tough and challenging act according to Ms. Cora Bencio,...
  • Engr. Nathaniel G. Guerra
    24 January 2018
    Engr. Nathaniel G. GuerraVisayas Operations Department Engr. Nathaniel G. Guerra holds all the requirements needed to be able to run five power plants in five islands in...
  • Engr. Edmar Viloria
    18 January 2018
    Engr. Edmar ViloriaOperations Planning and Performance Assessment Department A colleague calls him the man with gills. Why?He just survived not just one but several incid...
  • Ms. Maria Felicidad M. Santos
    17 January 2018
    Ms. Maria Felicidad M. Santos ‘God strengthens’ is perhaps the perfect words to describe how Ms. Maripet Santos get through two challenging roles she plays – a loving wif...
  • NPC has launched its #iamNPC Campaign
    17 January 2018
    NPC has launched its #iamNPC Campaign In its pursuit to a stronger and more unified organization, the National Power Corporation has launched its #iamNPC campaign during...