NPC LFI President expresses gratitude for the past year with the Foundation, holds afternoon tea with Board of Trustees and Committee Heads

To celebrate the first year anniversary of NPC LFI President Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez with the group, a Thanksgiving Afternoon Team was held on Friday, August 10 with the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Committee Heads of its programs.

“Heading the National Power Corporation Ladies Foundation (NPC-LFI) continues to be a great blessing from God and a meaningful journey of volunteerism and service along with the dedicated and talented women of NPC,” Ambassador Gee said.

With their wonderful attires and hair fascinators, the Ladies shared stories and learning over a selection of full bodied tea, home baked bread, scones with strawberry & grape jams, sandwiches and cakes. Ambassador Gee shared with the group the history, meaning and etiquette of afternoon tea, its menu and arrangements, and the sequence and protocol of eating and drinking.

The Foundation and Ambassador Gee also extended their gratitude to everyone who helped them make the afternoon tea a success – to Ate Pinang, Kuya Andy, Ate Lucy, Kuya Omar, Kuya Hermie, Ate May, Kuya Bunso, Ate Lina and Kuya Enteng.