The National Power Corporation (NPC) has made available in its website the daily monitoring of the power supply situation in Occidental Mindoro.  NPC has an existing power supply agreement with the province’s electricity distributor, the Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (OMECO) up to 2017.

The business of power supply in the province was opened to the private sector since 2005.  Since then, NPC had been engaging the services of a private company for the lease of generating sets to meet the electricity demand of OMECO.  Despite the provision of stand-by units and the imposition of heavy penalties on NPC’s lessor, however, the leased generating sets often break down resulting in power supply shortage and brownouts in the province.

To address the situation, the Department of Energy and the local government of Occidental Mindoro, in coordination with NPC, OMECO and the National Electrification Administration (NEA), came up with a plan to mitigate the unreliable electricity supply in the province.  The plan was presented to all stakeholders on 30 June 2015 through a power summit. No less than Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla presented the unified plan and enjoined all concerned industry players to fulfill their respective commitments according to the agreed time table.

Part of the plan was the monitoring of information and data on the daily power supply situation in the province. NPC agreed to make such data available in its corporate website.  Available information will include current supply and demand situation, and incidents of brownouts, if any.

Supply and Demand Profile

The Week Before and Week-Ahead supply and demand profile is shown below:


Previous Supply and Demand Profiles

Committed Projects

The list of committed power projects in the province is shown below:

Committed Projects

All stakeholders are encouraged to monitor the completion of the Emerging Power, Inc. 20 MW Geothermal Project and 20 MW Bunker Fired Diesel Generating Set Project in 2017.  These projects will provide the full requirements of the Occidental Mindoro.