Bethezel L. Ricacho
Plant Head, Claveria DPP
Bicol Operations Division

What makes a female engineer different from a male engineer? Apparently, none and this is proven by our newly assigned plant head of Claveria Diesel Power Plant, Engr. Bethezel Ricacho.

“Whatever they can do, I can do,” Beth said when asked on being a woman in her chosen field. She said that growing up with an only brother and finishing her college degree with almost an all-men class allowed her to get used to thriving in a male-dominated industry.

As a blossoming leader at NPC, Engr. Beth said that the best lesson she learned so far in operations is the significance of expressing what you have to say.

“If you have an idea or you think that you are right, you say it and you say it now, because if you keep on being silent, then you forego the chance na masabi mo iyon o magagawan ng action,” she said.

Engr. Beth said that this would also be her leadership style saying, “[my people] can tell me what they need and we’ll see if we can do anything. Kung hindi ko kaya, we’ll raise it. [What matter is they tell me] kasi hindi ko mahuhulaan yan.”

She said that she’s thankful for the mentorship and support she receive from her superiors at the Bicol Operations Division.

For her piece of advice to her fellow women in engineering, she urged “lumabas sila, hindi kailangang makulong sa kinalakihang tradisyon, na parang sapatos na ipapasuot na lang sayo. Decide on what you want then panindigan mo. Walang mahirap kung susubukan.”