Perfecto A. Llorente
(Retired) OIC
Visayas Operations Department

One would think that his most memorable experience in NPC would be something recent, but when asked about it, he went as far way back as his first year with NPC in 1979.

“Casual pa lang ako nuon as Core Layer Recorder. I was asked to do something na hindi ko pala trabaho, hydro test para sa grouting requirement sa planong dam for hydro plant in Negros Island. Ginawa ko naman pero hindi ako ang nakapirma dahil hindi ako authorized,” Sir Pete said.

He related how he finished what he was asked to do and how anxious he was when he was called in by the NPC Goelogy Department Manager about it.

“Akala ko papagalitan nako, ipinapaliwanag lang sa’kin yung ginawa ko. Wala naman syang tanong na hindi ko nasagot. After that, he advises the Regional Geologist Manager to promote me the soonest,” he said.

From then on, he kept on rising through the ranks and kept on persevering in every task given to him. One being the hardest is the power crisis in 1990.

“Ako ang nagma-manage nuon ng 21 Power Barges at dalawang Tugboat. Nahirapan ako kasi lipat dito, lipat duon, brownout sa Luzon, Mindanao, brownout at Visayas,” Sir Pete shared.

Asked on the lessons the experience taught him, he said, “my decision-making skills was honed. Bilang manager ng operations, dapat mabilis ka mag desisyon, kung mabagal kasi, baka lalong masira na makina o brownout na.”

Sir Pete shared that it’s tough to come up with fast yet wise decisions but his main considerations were based on existing laws and the general welfare of the public.

As one of the seasoned engineers of NPC, Sir Pete has this to say to the new blood, “be 100% dedicated to your work and loyal to the company you work for. Always think of what is right and the rules of the government.”

In his last stretch with NPC, Sir Pete was re-assigned in Viasayas as OIC for SPUG Visayas Operations Department. He thought twice at first, but accepted the assignment after consulting his family and his doctor due to health reasons. While it is true that he is excited for retirement, he still made his last few months fruitful and ‘action-packed.’ Extension of operating hours in some power plants here, additional capacities there.

Dedication to work, in flesh, indeed.