Dadelio C. Corpuz
(Retired) Vice President
Mindanao Generation

On his last day in office, former Vice President for Mindanao Generation Mr. Dadelio C. Corpuz shares his 41-year journey with NPC, the lessons he learned along the way and the gems of wisdom he wishes to impart to NPC’s new generation of engineers.

“I graduated from MAPUA in 1974 and worked first in a cement corporation where my father works. Two years after, I saw an opportunity in NPC,” Sir Del began.

Being hired by NPC among the many who aspires to be with the corporation, he surely remembers his first day at work – August 23, 1976. He was Associate Electrical Engineer at the Aurora Substation in Zamboanga del Sur.

In 1980, Sir Del transferred to Iligan as Principal Engineer A and was one of the people in charge for the operation and maintenance of substation and transmission lines there. Come 1992, he was chosen as one of the managers to lead the Fuel Management Group. Sir Del was then assigned to head the Materials Management Division and the Corporate Planning for Mindanao later on.

All his gained expertise and experience have prepared him for a bigger role in 2003, after the Electric Power Industry Reform Act was enacted. Sir Del became Plant Manager for Agus 4 & 5 and held the position until 2015. On December 4, 2015, he was appointed as Vice President for Mindanao Generation.

“It was one of my most memorable moments in my stint with NPC – to be able to climb up the ladder with only my own abilities,” Sir Del said. “I didn’t need to return favors to anyone because I did it on my own, and of course, with my wife,” he added with a laugh.

In his long years with NPC, Sir Del has always believed in doing and implementing what is right. Aside from this principle, what he wished others to exemplify at the workplace is this, “good manners, huwag magsisinungaling, keep a good attitude towards work and study!”