Engr. Salvador D. Sarmiento, Jr. 
Revenue Management Department – CAG

Engr. Salvador Sarmiento or Sir Buddy to his colleagues is now counting the days towards his retirement on March 12. But before he bid us adios, he graciously took a moment to look back to his 38 years with NPC and share with us his plans on his way forward.

“I was with the Public Information Office and then with the National Electrification Administration before NPC,” Sir Buddy began. “I applied to NPC because of the opportunity for learning nuclear.”

His hunger for learning and knowledge then was the same stone he kept on stepping on that made him rose from the ranks.

“It would be the same advice I will give to our new generation of employees - dedication to work and continuous learning,” Sir Buddy said also citing the efforts he made in earning his master’s degree, Professional Electrical Engineering license and being a Career Executive Service Officer.

Learning has been NPC’s gift for him all these years, not to mention his house and being able to send all his six children to university. When asked on his most significant gift to the corporation, he said “leading the task force that was assigned to create the initial draft of the Philippine Grid Code.”

He said that coming in second as his favorite accomplishment is the setting of the structure and process of the then Marketing and Commercial Relations Department (MCRD) which handled 11 divisions.

For the next stage of his life, Sir Buddy said that he will keep himself busy tending to his farm-garden resort where he has already planted trees from various places he had been to. “I have always had the green thumb, it probably runs in our family and I also grew up looking to my farmer grandfather.”

Sounds like a fresh start for Sir Buddy, right?