Engr. Nathaniel G. Guerra
Visayas Operations Department

Engr. Nathaniel G. Guerra holds all the requirements needed to be able to run five power plants in five islands in Bohol – dedication to work, technical expertise, and management skills. There is only one thing he lacks – swimming skills!

That’s why when asked on his unforgettable experience in NPC, he answered simple situations he gets to confront all the time which needed that particular skill.

“Kapag bumibyahe, lalu na kapag maalon, minsan nagsisisi ka na bumiyahe ka kaso nasa laot ka na,” he quips.

Nonetheless, Engr. Nat’s overflowing love for NPC along with their newly purchased life vest drowns away any apprehensions.

“I started working in NPC in 1996. I want to work then with a prestigious company. Tuwang-tuwa ako nung nakapasok ako ng NPC,” Engr. Nat recalls.

He also shared that he has learned a lot with NPC, from plant operations to maintenance.

If given the chance, he said he would be happy if his third child who plans on taking up engineering will be working with NPC too.

“I am proud po na nagseserbisyo ako sa bayan,” he said.