SPUG gets new VP – National Power Board

The National Power Board on March 30 has appointed Mr. Larry I. Sabellina as the National Power Corporation’s new Vice President for Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG), following Mr. Rafael L. Abergas’ retirement on October 2020.

With SPUG being at the frontline of service of NPC, Sir Larry surely now has huge responsibilities on his shoulders. These are both challenging and exciting which happens to be the same combination of elements that made him stay at the corporation for 28 years now.

“You have to feel both challenged and excited. Hindi pwedeng may challenge nga, pero hindi ka masaya sa gagawin mo, hindi rin naman pwedeng excited ka lang sa gagawin, pero walang challenge,” Sir Larry said.

Sir Larry Sabellina began his career with NPC in 1992 as Junior Engineer. From his hometown in Mindanao, he had to transfer to his place of assignment in Palawan. He has not only learned to adapt to a new home but also took every opportunity to learn about diesel operation, its repair and maintenance.

For his dedication, hard work, and natural apt for learning, he made significant strides in his career as he was assigned to head the whole of Palawan Operations as its Division Manager on December 1, 2015. He was instrumental in expediting the establishment of new power facilities in the province through an amenable agreement with the Provincial Government of Palawan. Four years later, he was named as Department Manager of SPUG’s Luzon Operations Department, overseeing operations of over a hundred SPUG units.

“Ang pangarap ko lang dati maging manager, ngayon hinigitan pa,” Sir Larry quips, “But I think, there is God’s wisdom on how things turn out.”

Asked on his principles that brought him where he is today, Sir Larry pulled out his drawer and showed his own copy of the corporation’s Manual of Approvals.

“I always have this with me for guidance and if there is some decisions to be made, I make sure to always do what is right and advantageous for the corporation,” he said.

He also emphasized the importance of being anchored to one’s values and the value of being always open to learning, drawing his point with a metaphor.

“If you grew to know a lake in all its waves and waters, don’t always assume it has taught you everything and that you’d know everything about a river. In this bigger body of water, every day should be a learning opportunity.

Mr. Sabellina is a native of Misamis Oriental in Northern Mindanao. This is where he finished his primary and secondary education. He took up and finished Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Mindanao State University in 1988 and consequently passed the board exam in the same year.