NPC’s SPUG Mindanao holds interface meeting with Basulta coops

To discuss the status of power plant operations in Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi and the missionary electrification plan for 2022 to 2025, NPC’s Mindanao Operations Department on March 16 has conducted an interface meeting with Basulta electric cooperatives and key NPC officials.

In the meeting, the coops also reported decreased systems loss due to their proactive efforts. Sulu Electric Cooperative regarded the improvement on their distribution line clearing and rehabilitation, replacement and clustering of kilowatt-hour meters, and consistent upgrading of their facilities. The Basilan Electric Cooperative has also implemented an upgraded metering system.

Along with the reduced system's loss, coops can eventually improve their collection efficiencies to secure uninterrupted and reliable service in their areas.

Among the participants of the said meeting were Mr. Dusib H. Durapan (General Manager, Baselco), Ms. Peraida T. Jalani (General Manager, Suleco), Mr. Nick O. Acdalin (Board President, Baselco), Engr. Roderic B. Ignacio, Mr. Ronald M. de Guzman, Mr. Jijar A. Indahi, Mr. Nahwi M. Kimpa, and Ms. Aidalynne M. Tantalib. Also present via Zoom were NPC’s Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Mr. Rene B. Barruela, Ms. Ma. Annabel P. Versoza of the Revenue Management Department, and Ms. Coramen M. Macalinao of the Finance Department.

The meeting is a testament to the continuous collaboration of NPC and the Basulta coops in effecting development in the countryside through electricity.