NPC energizes Mangsee Island in Balabac, Palawan

NPC on Friday, July 31 switches on its new power facility in Mangsee Island located in the southernmost part of Palawan, giving 8-hour electricity to some 300 households.

NPC-SPUG said that the power facility has 200kW capacity and that additional 500 households shall be connected at the end of August as the Provincial Government of Palawan completes the tapping of the distribution facility.

“The power house was also built by the provincial government to expedite the energization in the island. Mangsee Diesel Power Plant will be maintained by two local operator and technician who will be reporting daily to the Napocor – SPUG Palawan Operations,” said Fred Barrios of NPC- Palawan Operations Division.

Mangsee is a 23-hectare islet in the middle of Sulu Sea. Being closer to Sabah, Malaysia, Barrios said that local operators will use signal booster of a Malaysian sim to submit reports and contact the POD office in Puerto Princesa.

The island can be reached by a five-hour boat ride from Balabac proper or 24 hour voyage from Puerto Princesa via marine vessel.

NPC is set to energize two more new areas in Palawan in the next months – Calandagan Island in Araceli and Bisucay in Cuyo.

Currently, NPC operates 277 SPUG power plants in the farthest islands and communities in the country.