NP Board appoints Abergas as new VP

The National Power Board recently appointed Mr. Rafael L. Abergas as Vice President for Small Power Utilities Group.

Mr. Abergas or Sir Paeng among his colleagues, who is now reassigned to head the Power Engineering Services group, has vast experience and working knowledge in construction, engineering, research and development and corporate planning. With his natural knack for research and planning, he undertook significant projects for NPC such as the review of geothermal steam pricing methodologies, negotiation on the power supply agreements with IPPs, NPPs, QTPs and Electric Cooperatives among others.

Prior to his appointment as VP, Sir Paeng served as Officer-In-Charge of the Office of the Vice President for Power Engineering Services and Department Manager of Corporate Planning under the Corporate Affairs Group as well as the Operations Planning Department of SPUG.

On top of his duties leading the Engineering Group (PES), he currently facilitates the World Bank-administered components of the European Union (EU)-Philippines Grant Agreement for the Access to Sustainable Energy Project (ASEP) with NPC as the Implementing Government Agency.

Sir Paeng is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and obtained his degree in engineering from the Central Luzon Polytechnic College in Cabanatuan City.