NPC awards PRAISE to best performing employees

On Friday, December 13, NPC recognizes its best-performing employees through the Program on Awards and Incentive for Service Excellence or PRAISE.

NPC President and CEO Pio J. Benavidez led the awarding of certificates to 15 groups and individuals who have merited the PRAISE award. The awardees were the following:

Project Implementation Group – Cluster A for their contribution in the construction of a power facility and distribution line in Kalayaan Island in Palawan.

Project Implementation Group – Cluster B for their efforts for the rehabilitation and construction of major transmission lines in Mindoro.

Ms. Riezel Marie L. Balbuena for her dedication in leading the negotiation with concerned entities for the completion of the Mansalay to San Jose transmission line in Oriental Mindoro.

Transportation and Facilities Management Division Personnel for their leading the implementation of NPC’s energy conservation program.

Balut Diesel Power Plant personnel were also recognized for their ingenuity in restoring the burned generator stator of the power plant instead of contracting out the job.

Kalamansig Diesel Power Plant personnel for their commitment in utilizing available spare parts and restoring a generator unit, thus augmenting the limited capacity of their area during the election period.

Hikdop Diesel Power Plant personnel was recognized for their commitment in doing repairs in their power plant which resulted to zero load-shedding and sustained 24/7 capacity.

Power Barge 119 personnel for their dedication in restoring a unit without purchasing new parts, thus generating savings for NPC.

Mr. Yahcob H. Darayan, Mr. Farsaudi I. Jadjulie and Mr. Renato E. Belleza for their conceptualization of the localized Municipal Power Association business model adopted in Pangutaran Island which resulted to 98% collection efficiency in the area.

Mr. Emilio B. Rubio for sharing his skills and knowledge in resorting bogged generator sets in various power plants in Western Mindanao Operations Division.

Personnel from the Major Repair and Maintenance Division and SPUG- Maintenance and Technical Services Division were recognized for their collaborative efforts in restoring the damaged unit of Siasi Diesel Power Plant, thus averting load shedding and generating savings for NPC.

Mr. Steve R. Silva and Mr. Ramon SJ Francisco for their hard work and extra efforts in restoring a unit of the Maripipi Diesel Power Plant.

Mr. Amelito P. Casabar for unselfishly sharing his knowledge and skills beyond the call of his duties in rewinding works for various power plants in Palawan Operations Division.

Personnel from the Viga Diesel Power Plant were recognized for their commitment to restoring the power plant’s operations amidst the strong winds and rain of tropical depression Usman.

Mr. Gemino T. Sta. Cruz II for his ingenuity in redesigning the idle 240 VAC distribution panel in constructing a generator load control center for the power plant.

PRAISE, a uniformed program among government agencies, is designed to encourage creativity, innovativeness, efficiency, integrity, and productivity in public service.