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NPC President Meets with SPUG Mindanao Operations


After his meeting with the Mindanao Development Authority and witnessing the launching of WESM Mindanao, NPC President Pio J. Benavidez met with the personnel of Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) Mindanao Operations Department in Mintal, Davao City to personally relay to them his visions and plans for the corporation.



President Pio discussed among them the present NPC Plans and Programs, Policy Directions, including the realignment of some functions for the purpose of realizing 24 hour operations of all SPUG plants by 2022. The managers, in return, expressed their full support to the President’s directions.


The SPUG - Mindanao Operations Department is led by Mr. Yahcob H. Darayan (Acting Dept Mgr) with Mr. Nestor F. Flauta (Div Mgr, Eastern Mindanao), Rodrigo U. Fullido (Mgr, MMTSD), Mr. Conrad Y. Isahac (Mgr, Admin and Finance Dept), and Mr. Robert D. Dumasis (OIC Manager, Western Mindanao). 


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