Gracing the Employees’ Night on Friday was Energy Regulatory Chairman Jose Vicente B. Salazar who emphasized the relevance of Disney to NPC and the rest of the Energy Family.

"Iisa lang naman daw ang theme at ang message ng kahit anong Disney. The theme would always be about dreaming, the theme would always be about daring and the theme would always be about doing things beyond the imagination," Chairman Salazar began.

"Dreaming, Daring, Doing. And I guess that’s what our role in the country is about. I guess that’s the very story of the National Power Corporation where it started way back 79 years ago. I guess that on that day, with NPC was born, we got the country dreaming of a whole new world. Today, you I and the rest of the power sector are performing our Disney-like roles, we are still dreaming, we are still daring to try new things and we are doing things that were once beyond the imagination of our people."