This was the message of NPC President Ma. Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita to the private agencies currently serving the NPC offices in different parts of the country. 

On October 3, 2014, President Gladys, together with Vice Presidents Lorna T. Dy and Melchor Ridulme met with security agencies Merit Protection and Investigation Agency and Linkers Security Agency, and janitorial/skilled laborer contractors Omniworkx Inc and Servico Filipino Inc. to make sure that all personnel within the corporation properly receive what is due to them. 

"I consider delays in low-salaried workforce as an injustice. Though NPC does not have employee-employer relationships with security guards, janitors, and skilled laborers, I consider them part of the NPC family and I owe it to them to ensure that their welfare are well taken care of by the NPC contracted agencies,” said President Gladys.

Before the meeting was arranged, the President asked to gather all the employment concerns of security guards, janitorial personnel and skilled laborers. Each one of these issues and concerns were discussed to the officials of the four agencies for their comment and immediate action.

President Gladys also commended Servicio Filipino and Omniworks for a very beautiful and clean surroundings in the main office of NPC. She also ordered the conduct of a workshop to be attended by the concerned agencies and NPC employees to review and propose an improved system of billing and collection so as to help the agencies in their concerns with documentation and billing system especially in the far flung islands.