NPC’s Visayas employees organizes a ‘therapeutic environmental exercise’

Seventy personnel from NPC SPUG Visayas on 29 August 2018 joined the Department’s coastal clean-up and tree planting in Barangay Pitalo in San Fernando, Cebu.

Unnerved by the sweltering heat, the participants gather various left over items, wooden debris, rubbers and plastics along the coastline of Brgy. Pitalo. They also planted 700 propagules, commonly known among locals as ‘bakhaw.’

Aside from being a physically engaging exercise, a lot of participants enthused that the activity is somehow therapeutic as it allowed them to give back to mother earth.

SPUG Visayas’ Officer-in-Charge Mr. Timmy T. Diacor said that to ensure the success of the tree planting, they will also construct bamboo fences to protect the seedlings.

“The activity is an annual activity of SPUG Visayas, this is our commitment for the environment,” Mr. Diacor said.