APCES students and teachers enjoy learning in NPC LFI-built ICT room

Fourteen months after the National Power Corporation Ladies Foundation (NPC-LFI) turned over an ICT classroom to the Amai Pakpak Central Elementary School (APCES) in Marawi City, the learnings and leveling up of the knowledge and skills of students and teachers in the information technology field and other equally important educational activities have been most impactful and beneficial to all.

According to the teachers and students, the ICT classroom continues to be maximized for ICT subjects and exercises, film showing to help students understand the topics better, teacher-to-teacher mentoring and interns training from various colleges in Marawi City.

The NPC-LFI Board of Trustees, members and supporters are heartened to know that its first ICT classroom donation project to support the rebuilding of Marawi is now an increasingly vital hub for the education and empowerment of beloved school children, teachers and trainees in the digital age.

“Indeed, we continue to bring to life our slogan of ‘Bringing the Light of Service to the Community.’ Thanking GOD for opening doors for us at NPC-LFI to help make a tangible difference in the educational lives and progress of our students and teachers in Mindanao. To God be the glory,” said NPC LFI President Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez.

Ambassador Benavidez also expressed her heartfelt thanks to Vice President Edmundo A. Veloso and Ms. Dayamon Mao from NPC- Mindanao Generation for the heartwarming photos and the inspiring feedback from the project’s beneficiaries.