NPC Ladies Foundation, Inc Calls You to be a Godparent!

 The NPC Ladies Foundation Inc led by NPC’s first lady President Ma. Gladys Sta. Rita launched the program, Be a Godparent to a Child in Nazareth at the Nazareth Home for Street Children in Bustos, Bulacan coinciding the President’s birthday.

 “To my dear friends, no birthday gifts for me but I will be immensely happy if you could help the children of Nazareth,” the President requested.

  Nazareth Home for Street children was founded in 1995 to provide temporary home, love and care to less fortunate, orphaned and abandoned children. It is being managed by the Sisters of the Divine Shepherd. Children in Nazareth are not only given physical and emotional healing but also spiritual nourishment so that they may develop respect for life and love for their neighbors.

  As of now, there are 39 kids in Nazareth and to brighten up these kids’ birthday and Christmas, NPC Ladies Foundation thought of inviting individuals to sponsor the kids’ wishes for their birthday and on Christmas day. The ladies believe that God cannot be outdone in giving. What you give, you receive back a hundredfold. And this is their way of sharing with you the chance to give and receive.

 Remember, the Lord loves a cheerful giver! Come and be a godparent today!