NPC grants round the clock power to Patnanungan island in Quezon

NPC on Thursday, September 5 launched the 24/7 power in the municipality of Patnanungan in Quezon. This is expected to further help over a thousand households to improve their way of living and assist them in their livelihood.

The switch-on ceremony was led by Mr. Danilo B. Barcarse. Acting Manager of MQNLOD- SPUG, Mayor Roderick M. Larita of Patnanungan, Mr. Christopher Sollano of QUEZELCO II and representatives of various line agencies.

Currently, NPC’s Patnanungan Diesel Power Plant has 983 kW total capacity with a peak demand of 300 kW having an ample reserve of more than 600 kW. It serves 1,408 households. Should QUEZELCO II expands its distribution lines to the other areas, NPC will still be capable to accommodate more households. 

Located in the eastern portion of Quezon, the island municipality’s major income sources are agriculture and fishing. It is also a great tourist destination because of its pristine beaches.