NP Board appoints new VP for Corporate Affairs

The National Power Corporation Board of Directors has appointed seasoned electrical engineer Rene B. Barruela as the new Vice President of its Corporate Affairs Group (CAG).

Engr. Barruela started his career at the Philippine National Oil Company’s Energy Research Development Center right after graduating from Western Institute of Technology in Iloilo.

With three years of experience, he tried his luck applying to the then humongous company, NPC and found windfall on his shoulders. He started as senior engineer in 1991 and from there rose from the ranks through the years.

Prior to his appointment as VP, he was Department Manager for Design and Development of the Power Engineering Service (PES) for nine months and for Operations Planning and Performance Assessment of the Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG) for five years.

PES is NPC’s engineering arm that implements power projects including engineering designs, construction, quality and cost control. SPUG on the other hand handles off-grid power plant operations and maintenance.

With knowledge and experience on both NPC functions, the NPC management believes Engr. Barruela can bring significant wins for the corporation through the Corporate Affairs.